Blocked Drains Sydney

Blocked Drains Sydney – What You Can Do to Get Rid of Them

What are some of the leading causes of blocked drains? Common causes of blocked drains include a slow leak in the sewer line or water heater, overflowing pipes or sink clog. The symptoms of a clogged drain will creep up on themselves or overtook you right away either way: act fast if you see the following common signs.


A foul odor indicates that food-borne bacteria, such as salmonella, has clogged the pipe. You may also notice a rotten egg smell, or a fishy odor that is not so unpleasant. If the odor lingers for more than a few hours, your pipes are probably clogged. To clear a clogged drain, the easiest approach is to disconnect the toilet and drain from the faucet, then use the plunger and toilet paper to clean the area.

Blocked Drains Sydney – What You Can Do to Get Rid of Them Very Easily


Dark green stains are usually caused by algae, which is the easiest type of material to block a drain. To prevent this from happening, use a bleach solution and water-to-water contact to rinse off the algae.

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Hard Water Deposit:

Once a pipe is clogged with sludge, it’s almost impossible to clean it out without digging through layers of hardened soil to get at the dirt. If you want to avoid these problems, the best thing to do is get a soft water softener. This softens the water inside your plumbing system, freeing it of all sorts of debris and dirt that causes the blockage in the first place.


Sometimes, a blocked sink or toilet can be the result of the drain being stuck in the pipe, causing the pipe to become difficult to drain. Sometimes, simply loosening the clog can loosen the pipe, making it easier to get rid of.

However, using any of the above tips work only if the clog is caused by an actual obstruction. Sometimes, it is caused by something more subtle, such as water damage, overuse of chemicals in the laundry, food poisoning, or other organic matter. {as in hair. You should check with your family doctor for advice before attempting to cleanse your drain with anything that has been used on your body.

It’s not advisable to flush out your drain without first testing the area. There may be something else that is clogging up the pipes that is more severe and may require a professional’s attention.

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What happens If the drain remains blocked?

there are a number of products available to help with this problem. A drain cleaning machine is one of the most effective ways to clear out the clog and restore your bathroom and kitchen sink back to good health. These machines will suck out the blockage and clean your drain while leaving behind a fresh smelling, clear, sanitized drain for you to use whenever you like.

It is always best to consult a professional drain cleaner if you cannot cleanse your drain on your own. The fact is, professional plumbers know how to properly clean out clogs on your drains and make sure they are installed properly.

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